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A.I. Residency, Muhu island


(image: from renovation project)

Uuetalu, Nõmmküla, Muhu island 94752, ESTONIA

Contact person: Tiiu Rebane

E-mail:, Tel. +3726273630, +37258356207

A.I. - is an Artist-in-Residence centre funded by Estonian Artists Association (EAA) and is available for artists since November 1998.

The A-I-R program in general encourages international contacts for artists and focuses on all visual arts, designers, architects, curators, art researchers.

Residency situated in the village Nõmmküla on island Muhu, at west coast of Estonia.

Our interests are interdisciplinary, as they lie in integration of art with environmental issues,

science (energetics), innovation in general and also in poetical interaction between art and society.

EAA Residency provides the necessary living conditions for the artists-in-residence.

Summer Residency is situated Muhu island`s natural and archaic environment.

Long term resident are offered personal livingroom. Farm has sauna, shower and kitchen.

Peaceful environment and spectacular open spaces.

Estonian Artists Association (EAA) Muhu Art Residency A-I-R program focuses on visual arts, including innovation, architecture, cultural heritage and locally rooted practice.

A.I. is situated on island Muhu, at the west coast of Estonia.


Eesti Kunstnike Liidu Muhu

A. I. Kunstitalu toimib alates 2015. aastast rahvusvahelise kunstiresidentuurina.

Talukompleks pakub loomingulist väljakutset nii kaasaegsetele kunstnikele kui ajaloolastele; lastele kui täiskasvanutele; novaatoritele kui restauraatoritele.

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