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Kalli Kalde, Andrey Azsacra, Jimi Tenor, Noolegrupp, Project Heroina, Merle Luhaäär, Mari Prekup, Kaarel Kütas, Woldemare, Juhan Vihterpal, Prohor Alekseev, Alexander Morozov, Karl-Kristjan Nagel, Tuomo Kangasmaa, Jana Zatvarnicka, Circus-Art-Theater, Anastassia Fomina, Daniel Janson, curator Tiiu Rebane

FUTU MUHU 2017 festivali SADA AASTAT ja näitust CEST LA VIE toetavad EV100 Kultuuriprogramm SADA KUNSTIMAASTIKKU, Eesti Kunstnike Liit ja Estonian Spirit OÜ, MOE 1886


FUTU MUHU 2017 – 100 YEARS

Video and performance art festival

At EAA Muhu A.I. Residency


FUTU MUHU 2017 was dedicated to history and in particular to 20th and 21st centuries that passed by the Muhu A.I. buildings unnoticed.

We expected artists’ evaluations of the events that took place during the years 1901-2017 – the facts that have personal importance, general interesting tendencies and international developments.

Overviews, excerpts, interpretations, re-enactments, re-wordings, re-presentations in video and performance format a.k.a. different art centric approaches to the last hundred years in Estonia, Europe and the world.

..What should be changed..

..Which revolution would an artist start..

..What really happened..

..Which visions have not been fulfilled..


The history has passed from A to B since year 1901 and we were awaiting material that reflects it and thinks along with it to tie the way this separated farmhouse sees itself and it’s location with the actual reality.



Muhu ART Residency is believed to be one of the oldest farms in Nõmmküla and it is possible that a farm belonging to Marcus Vstalle existed here already during the Teutonic Order times…

The art residency is located on the Northern coast of the Muhu island, at the edge of the world according to today’s understanding. In the archaic environment of the quiet village on the beach, we have mentally returned to the Estonian origins.


The dates marked on the buildings confirm that time stopped at the farm in 1901.

Arriving at the art residency artist will find himself in a time machine, in front of which is a vast field of information that does not hold info about modernism or socialism, capitalism or wars.

...Progress, sports or art history...

...Television, consumerism or human rights…


On these coastal cliffs, silence is still the ruler and nature the gaffer. Johan Köler is in Saint Petersburg, the second wave of Estonian artists will leave for the city any minute now and the 20th century is gathering steam…

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