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uae-estonia art retreat

From 28th of July until 7th of August an exciting creative project will take place all over Estonia.

 Up to 5 - 6 top artists from UAE  and 5 - 6  from Estonia will gather together in Estonia and create art for a week on Muhu island in EAA Muhu A.I Residency. 

After having a sightseeing tours all over Estonia, From Tallinn and Saaremaa to Tartu, Türi and Varnja.

The event will end with an exhibition and open symposium in Muhu Residency  and the art exhibitions in Kuressaare (opening on 19. August) and Tallinn (October). 

Alates 28.  juulist toimub EKL Muhu A.I. Kunstitalus esimene Araabia Ühendemiraatide ja Eesti vaheline Kunstinädal.

Kuni 6 kunstnikku mõlemast riigist  töötavad Muhus koos  ligi nädalapikkuse perioodi.

Milline on korraldatud kohtumise tulemus ja milline mälestus salvestub Eesti kogemusest AÜE kunstnike pagasisse tulevikuks, selgub peale koostöökohtumise lõppu  7. augustil.

General Information:

Located in Nõmmküla – a small and quiet seaside village on the north coast of Muhu island, on the edge of the western world - about 10 km from nearest shop in Liiva center and 150 km from Tallinn.
This is probably the oldest farm in Nõmmküla, the place was marked as a farm as early as the times of the German Order in 13. century.
Nowadays buildings are mostly from 19. Century, including holland windmill and french style blacksmith’s forge.

As one of the Estonian archaic cultural landmarks, Muhu Residency is synthesising the ancient with contemporary; as a creativity generator as well as a living environment.

By coming here in 2016 the visitors will find most rural and ascetic living environment, surrounded by pure nature.


The accomodation rooms in ancient and rustic barns are 8 – 20 m2 in size with 2 - 5 beds.

The shared kitchen, shower, sauna are located in separate  buildings. 


In 2015 Muhu Art Residency held number of international art events, including the art festival Future-Horizon, painters plenair “Border State-Man in nature”, international printing workshops week, several exhibitions in Tallinn and Kuressaare.

All together around 80 artists from Germany to Russia, including three long term

art-residents from France and Estonia, lived and worked in Muhu Art Residency in summer  2015.

In 2016 artfestival Futu Muhu has two main themes: "Art and energy" and "From artists to children".  Opening of Futu Muhu art festival exhibition is 19. August in Kuressaare Raegallery.

As an Art Residecy we will welcome to Muhu this summer 5 international art residents from USA, GB, JP and FI


27.July — arrival of UAE artists to Tallinn

Artists will be met in Tallinn airport by Art Hub Est

Dinner in Old Town.

Arrival to Muhu Residency (2h 30min trip)


28. July - Muhu island

9.00 Breakfast

10.00 introduction

12.30 Lunch

14.00  Preparations for painting, trip on island (landscapes, history and sightseeings in Muhu)

19.00 Dinner



29.July  — Saaremaa trip

9.00  - breakfast

Trip to island Saaremaa

Sightseeing - the rich history of the island takes us from pre-historical times (the Kaali meteorite crater) to local viking history and Middle Ages (13. Century) that brought German Order to our lands. Saaremaa was the last frontier for European conquistadores due North, the island might have been the mystical Ultima Thule land..

15.00  Lunch picnic in Saaremaa

20.00 Dinner


30.July  — trip to Türi , Tartu  and Voronja Gallery

7.00 - breakfast

8.00 trip to Voronja Gallery  in Varnja village   (300 km)

The contemporary countryside gallery is situated on the coast of Peipsi lake.

Voronja Gallery is accommodating the artists and serving the halal dinner


In Tartu and Türi we visit artists studios + Tartu Art House


Artist talks  (will be filmed)


31.July  — trip to Tartu and cross Estonia to Muhu island

7.30 breakfast in Voronja

Tartu -  morning in the town  - Tartu University

Lunch (?) in town

Full day trip with stops in wild nature ( forest, moor and heath - the three types of Estonian landscape)

15.00 Camp fire stop for picnic  

23.00 arrival to Muhu Residency


1.August  —  Day in Muhu Residency

9.00 breakfast

14.00 lunch

20.00 dinner

Painting. Meeting the Estonian Art Retreat artists.

Mr. Ahmed arrives to Estonia

Artist talks  (introducing portfolio and discussing ideas) (will be filmed)


2.August  — Haapsalu trip

9.00 breakfast

Trip to Haapsalu

Visiting the romantic seaside, 19.century, style town, its art museum and galleries. Visiting artists studio.

14.00 lunch in Haapsalu

22.00 dinner in Muhu Residency


3.August  —  Painting in Muhu

9.00 breakfast

Visiting local handicraft masters, getting some overview of Muhu island rare, rich and unique  handicraft traditions.

14.00 lunch

20.00 dinner

Artist talks  (introducing portfolio and discussing ideas) (will be filmed)


4.August  —  Trip to Tallinn

7.30 breakfast

Drive to Tallinn (sightseeing in Old Town, Kadrou Park, Contemporary Art Museum KUMU, Art History Museum Kadriorg.)

Sailing trip in Tallinn bay,  with  onboard picnic (~2 hours)

20.00 (?) dinner in Tallinn or in MuhuResidency


5.August  —  Painting in Muhu (the model)

9.00 breakfast


14.00 lunch

Possible horse ride trip (4-5 hours) on island. (18 EUR per hour)

20.00 dinner

Artist talks  (introducing portfolio and discussing ideas) (will be filmed)


6.August  —  Seminar in Muhu

9.00 breakfast

In case of nice warm weather we will make a short trip to near island through the sea by foot.

Lunch picnik

14.00  Artist talks  - open event -  seminar about the cultures of our countries. Discussion between Mr. Ahmed Al Yafei and Raivo Kelomees with assistance of artists.

I exhibition of Art Retreat paintings (in Residency)

(seminar and exhibition will be filmed)

18.00 dinner


7.August  —  day of departure

7.30 breakfast in Muhu

Trip to Tallinn

Airport (time ?)






  • 19. August, FUTU MUHU 2016, Kuressaare Rae Gallery, (the capital of Saaremaa)


  • Autumn 2016,  House of Cybernetics Gallery, Tallinn




  • EAA Muhu A.I. Residency 2016 catalog

  • EAA Yearbook

  • Media product distribution to media channels and exhibitions (The filmed open seminar and artists introductions)

  • Publications in local newspapers

Online publications on Muhu Residency website

Application procedure:
Application have to be submitted electronically to e-mail:




27.juuli — Araabia kunstnike saabumine Muhusse


28. juuli - Muhu sissejuhatus

Sissejuhatav päev Araabia kunstnikele Muhus, ringreis saarel


29.juuli  — Saaremaa

Saaremaa ringsõit


30.juuli  — Türi , Tartu  and Voronja


Muhust  Voronja galeriisse    (300 km)

Türi ja Tartu kunstnike külastamine


31.July  —Voronja-Tartu-Pärnu - Muhu

7.30 -23.00 Päevareis


1.August  —  Muhu


Artist talk


2.August  — Haapsalu

Haapsalu linna ja kunstisaalide külastamine


3.August  —  Painting in Muhu

Muhu käsitööliste külastamine


Artist Talk


4.August  —  Tallinn

Tallinn- vanalinn, muuseumid, galeriid

Laevareis Tallinna lahel (?)

5.August  — Muhu

Modell, maalimine

Tihuse Ratsatalu

Artist talk

6.August  —  Muhu


Näituse installeerimine Muhus

Avatud seminar -Araabia kultuur ja majandus (Rääkivad pead: Ahmed Al Yafei ja Raivo Kelomees)

7.August  —  lõpetamine








  • 19. August, FUTU MUHU 2016, Kuressaare Rae Galerii

  • Sügis 2016,  Küberneetika Maja, Tallinn




  • EKL Muhu A.I. Kunstitalu 2016 kataloog

  • EKL aastaraamat

  • Avatud Seminari salvestise levi

  • Kohalik trükipress

  • Muhu Kunstitalu veebilehed



  • Töövahendid tuleb omal kaasa võtta.

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