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Network for the development of collaboration between Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish Artists Associations and institutions; questions of common identity, possibilities of cooperation and further representation. Elaboration of future joint goals (A-I-R programs, exhibitions, international promotion etc). Network agreements were signed in February 2015.

The network`s objective is to reach common conclusions on which to base subsequent practical cooperation in following years.

Events, approximate timeline:

* 17-19 July 2015 - First meeting between partners, symposium in EAA A.I Residency (island Muhu, during artfestival "Future-Horizon" held by Estonian Artist`s Association). Introductions and presentations,  exchange of experiences. Discussions and collaboration concept development. Agreements on residential program.

* Sept.2015-March 2016 - A-I-R program in practice. (Exchanging art-residents on the made basis of mutual agreements)

* April 2016 - Cooperation summary in Tallinn - symposium, joint exhibition and presentation of informative catalogue.



 Artists’ Union of Latvia


 Lithuanian Artist`s association


 Estonian Artist`s association


 Hirvitalo Center of Contemporary Art Pispala



On September 2, 2014, at the Lithuanian Artists Association Gallery “Arka“ in Vilnius the joint exhibition of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia “KELIAS / CEĻŠ / KETT”, dedicated to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way is being opened. The exhibition is an important event both to Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian artists.


On the occasion of the exhibition opening the presidents of Artists Associations from all three Baltic countries – Vano Allsalu from Estonia, Igors Dobičins from Latvia and Edita Utarienė from Lithuania -  gathered after the long break in Vilnius. They discussed the situation of Artists Associations in their countries, the perspectives of further mutual relations and signed the AGREEMENT OF CREATIVE COOPERATION AND PARTNERSHIP. It‘s remarkable that the idea of gathering the Artists‘ Associations of Baltic countries in to unified project “KELIAS / CEĻŠ / KETT” was born after mutual participation in Moscow Art Salon, organised by International Confederation of Artists‘ Unions.




Exhibition KELIAS / CEĻŠ / KETT dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way held by the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian artists' associations.




The purpose of the exhibition is to recollect the Baltic Way as one of the most important event in the history of the Baltic States, to value common endeavours during the process of regaining independence and the unity of states in today's changing world; also, to contemplate creative tendencies in contemporary art scene of the Baltic States and encourage mutual exchange of ideas and experiences.

Artists of various fields of art have been invited to participate in the project, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, installation and video. In one or another way exhibited works of art study the following issues and subjects connected to the Baltic Way: freedom, nationhood, vicinity and identity. The artists also hold a wider discussion on social problems and on human life as a journey.

Participating Estonian artists are: Siim-Tanel Annus, Inga Heamägi, Johnson & Johnson, Lauri Koppel, August Künnapu, Raul Meel, Marge Monko, Tanja Muravskaja, Mall Nukke and Elis Saareväli; also Vano Allsalu, the current president of the Estonian Artists' Association and Jaan Elken, the former president of the Estonian Artists' Association. International co-ordinators and exhibition designers on the spot are Dovilé Tomkute-Veleckiene (Lithuania); Igors Dobicins and Inese Baranovska (Latvia); and Inga Heamägi (Estonia). Exhibition is accompanied by catalogue printed in English and Lithuanian.

The first venue of the group exhibition was Arka Gallery of the Lithuanian Artists' Association in Vilnius (September 2nd through September 27th, 2014); the exhibition continued in the gallery of the Latvian Artists' Union in Riga (October 10nd through November 4th, 2014). At the opening of the exhibition in Vilnius a cooperation agreement between the artists' associations of all three Baltic States was signed.

KELIAS / CEĻŠ / KETT exhibition in Pärnu was open until January 4th, 2015. After that the exhibition was exposed in National Library of Estonia in Tallinn.

Initiator and organizer of the exhibition: Arka Gallery of the Lithuanian Artists' Association.
Partners: Lithuanian Artists' Association, Latvian Artists' Union, Estonian Artists' Association, gallery of the Latvian Artists' Union, Pärnu Museum, National Library of Estonia.
Estonian supporters of the exhibition: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Information about exhibition:
Inga Heamägi

+372 53434483



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